ƸӜƷ Dancing across the skies...

on 28 Δεκ 2010

Icelandic photographer Kristjan Unnar Kristjansson has spent the last nine years capturing the kaleidoscopic light show in his native homeland.

No words can properly describe it...

 The Northern lights at Hvalfjorour fjord in Akranes near Reykjavik change the   look of the landscape completely

 The Aurora Boralis over a golf clubhouse, and in the distance, the Second World War lighthouse, in Seltjarne

 Deep inside Hvalfjorour fjord in Akranes near Reykjavik, the amazing phenomenon is a sight to behold

 Waiting for the light: At Hvalfjorour fjord, photographers wait patiently while their digital cameras gather light, in Mosfellsae


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